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Server Info – Ultros

For those checking in, we will be playing on Ultros.  Send me a message with your gamer name and we will find you and invite to the linkshell.

A Realm Reborn

I’m rebuilding the site to support version 2.0. My plan is to make the site simpler so it will run smoother. The site was neglected for a long time so it needs some work to get all the components updated and working again.

FFXIV Tactics: Understanding the Fatigue System

From : You get eight hours a week in which each class / profession, where you can leveling as usual, after those hours so it will go slower, and eventually, after a total of 15 hours so you will not receive EXP at all.  

Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta Test Will Start on Sep. 1!

From SE: We would like to take this opportunity to provide an update regarding FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test, which was announced to be postponed on Aug. 31, 2010. Along with the completion on investigation and correction of the critical issue, we have decided to begin FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test on Sep. […]

Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta Test Postponed

From SE: FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test, which is scheduled to begin at 19:00 (PDT) on Aug. 31, 2010, will be postponed due to a confirmation of critical bugs. New schedule will be released at a later date. Along with the postponement of FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test, the issuing of registration code […]

Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta Test begins September 1st

Square Enix have confirmed that the Open Beta Test for Final Fantasy XIV will begin on September 1st. They also released to game trailer.  Check it out here:

Buy your FFXIV Beta key here Fileplanet is giving away a LIMITED number of beta keys for the FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta. They are releasing keys in daily batches starting August 12 – August 16. To qualify you must be a FilePlanet or Founders’ Club subscriber residing in North America. I signed up for their basic plan for 1 month […]

Alpha Blog – A blog of the FFXIV Alpha experience. He’s posting some very good videos and images. His latest video shows a bunch of menus and the area map. Watch it in 720p and full screen. If anyone finds any good links, post it on the forum or in the comments on the links page.

Life in Eorzea #1

Oh Chocobo!!! Watch it in 720p and full screen if you can.

Special Final Fantasy XIV Beta Recruitment

Anyone get picked for the Beta? If not, Zam has a second chance program. Vana’diel’s adventurers disappointed at the lack of a Final Fantasy XIV Beta invitation on March 1 will have another shot at getting into this first testing phase, as ZAM partners with Square Enix to host a special beta recruitment. Application criteria […]