Site News

A Realm Reborn

I’m rebuilding the site to support version 2.0. My plan is to make the site simpler so it will run smoother. The site was neglected for a long time so it needs some work to get all the components updated and working again.

Site Additions

I think I have got all the core elements of the site working. Userids should be integrated with WordPress and the forums. Everyone should also have the ability to upload pictures into the uploads album in the gallery. I also added a Gallery update widget and a FFXIV news feed. I have a couple others I will add closer to the release of the game. I’m looking for a better event calander but we are a long ways off before that will be useful.

Let me know if your account is unable to post in the comments on the home / links pages or if you notice anything else wierd in the site.

Under Construction

Welcome to the new Wikkid FFXIV site.  This site is under construction.  I will be testing many theme, forums and galleries so what’s here today might not be here tomorrow.  Post any links or discussions in the comments of this post for now and I will let you know when I got something permanent setup.