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FFXIV Beta in September?

This job posting is on the SE site looking for GMs and game testers.  Could the Beta be coming in the fall?! GAME MASTER (English & French or English & German language) Coordinates with: European Customer Services Manager European Customer Service Supervisor GM Supervisor Main Responsibilities of Role: – Answer community incidents via in-game tools […]

Site Additions

I think I have got all the core elements of the site working. Userids should be integrated with WordPress and the forums. Everyone should also have the ability to upload pictures into the uploads album in the gallery. I also added a Gallery update widget and a FFXIV news feed. I have a couple others […]

Zam Comic Strip


Latest News

Here are some of the latest news articles I could find. Nothing new, it’s still a long way off. Tanaka & Komoto Interview 1up Preview IGN – E3 2009: Final Fantasy XIV – What We Know PS3 Exclusivity Denied by Square Enix

FFXIV E3 Trailer

E3 2009 FFXIV Trailer E3 2005 Rapture Tech Demo

Under Construction

Welcome to the new Wikkid FFXIV site.  This site is under construction.  I will be testing many theme, forums and galleries so what’s here today might not be here tomorrow.  Post any links or discussions in the comments of this post for now and I will let you know when I got something permanent setup. […]