FFXI Beta Signup

In case you missed it. Signup for the FFXIV beta is now open.


Tokyo Game Show Trailer

There are log of gameplay video’s on youtube. I wish I understood what they are saying.

Lots of News from GamesCom

I’ve been away for a few weeks so I thought I should throw up some links from all the news that came out of GamesCom.

BlueGartr – Lots of screenshots and new info
Eorzepedia – In-Game Videos
Playstation Boards – Breakdown of in-game shots
Zam Interview
IGN Article

Good Blog Post

I like this blog post.  I too don’t want the game to become too casual like Wow and it’s clones.  FFXI is the best MMO I’ve played because it is hard.  I get bored of the easy stuff too fast and eventually stop playing.  It is very rewarding to complete a hard mission or finally get that Davoi key.

SE does want to make money and will try to appeal to a larger audience.  To do that they will have to make the game more casual.  I just hope they don’t go too far.


No News

Since the game is so far away, it will be a while between news and announcements. I suspect the next big announcement will be at the Tokyo Game Show at the end of September.

I did find this video I’ve never seen before so I thought I would share.

IGN Interview – Komoto & Tanaka

FFXIV Beta in September?

This job posting is on the SE site looking for GMs and game testers.  Could the Beta be coming in the fall?!

GAME MASTER (English & French or English & German language)

Coordinates with:
European Customer Services Manager
European Customer Service Supervisor
GM Supervisor

Main Responsibilities of Role:
– Answer community incidents via in-game tools and e-mail
– Forward technical incidents to Information Centre Team
– Handle and manage the population:
– Solve various disputes and monitor inappropriate behaviour between users
– Follow official and non-official websites and forums to stay informed about the community

Skills required
– Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English & French or English & German
– Previous experience in Online / Web activities
– Strong motivation & high level of commitment
– Excellent teamwork skills
– Fluent in English
– Flexibility with working hours
– Passion for playing MMORPGs

Advantageous Proficiencies
– MMORPG working experience is preferred but not essential
– Customer Service working experience is also preferred
– Knowledge of online community forums
– Knowledge of other European languages
– Proficiency with MS Office tools

Location: Central London
Reports to: GM Supervisor
Contract: Permanent
Start Date: Mid-September.

From: http://www.square-enix.com/eu/en/jobs/

UPDATE: Here is Zam’s analysis on this rumour.


Some key notes:

– The Tokyo Game Show is set to take place from September 24-27, which will likely be the stage for Square Enix’s next big reveal about the game. Having a beta take place before then would be like putting the cart before the horse.

– In an interview printed within Dengeki magazine, Hiromichi Tanaka appears to agree with the interviewer’s suggested timeline of a 2010 beta leading into the official release, but can neither confirm nor deny its veracity.

Site Additions

I think I have got all the core elements of the site working. Userids should be integrated with WordPress and the forums. Everyone should also have the ability to upload pictures into the uploads album in the gallery. I also added a Gallery update widget and a FFXIV news feed. I have a couple others I will add closer to the release of the game. I’m looking for a better event calander but we are a long ways off before that will be useful.

Let me know if your account is unable to post in the comments on the home / links pages or if you notice anything else wierd in the site.

Zam Comic Strip

Via http://ffxiv.zam.com/

Latest News

Here are some of the latest news articles I could find. Nothing new, it’s still a long way off.

Tanaka & Komoto Interview
1up Preview
IGN – E3 2009: Final Fantasy XIV – What We Know
PS3 Exclusivity Denied by Square Enix

FFXIV E3 Trailer

E3 2009 FFXIV Trailer

E3 2005 Rapture Tech Demo